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Preceptaustin exists to exalt the Name of the Lord by focusing on the Word of the Lord in Inductive Bible Study, Greek Word Studies, Verse by Verse Commentaries, and links to edifying, Christ exalting, God glorifying resources.
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  1. Deb permalink

    I just happened upon your website while searching for the meaning of a particular Greek New Testament word (a typical Saturday evening as I don’t waste my time with television). I am curious to know more about who you are. Very interesting

  2. Hello- I have been using your website and it has helped my studies quite a bit. You are probably asked to consider this often, but I was wondering if you are interested in other commentaries. Let me know if you would like to consider the commentaries I have written.

  3. Jim permalink

    Have you done a study on The Priesthood of the Believer?
    If not can you recommend one?

    • I am very familiar with this subject but haven’t done a formal study. If I find a good one I will post a link for you.

  4. thandie permalink

    Hello, I would just like to say I’ve been searching for online material on Meditating on God’s Word for a while now and so far your material is the best I’ve found. Thank you for sharing this, I hope to share it with other Christians too, and by God’s Grace incorporate this material to what I’ve so far been doing. God bless you.

  5. The Lord saved me at nine and I was called to preach later on in life. I have some formal schooling, but have studied the Scriptures on my own for the past 25 years. Right now the Lord has me teaching an adult SS class at our church, which I love to do. The website is coming along slowly. Sometimes I think I bit off more than a mouthful on that one, but I really enjoy studying and building the site as I have time. Thanks!

  6. Amanda Owen permalink

    I am currently doing my very first precept upon precept study. I am absolutely loving it and I have referenced your site often during the process. I thank you so much for putting so much work into your site, it has been extremely helpful to me. Thank you!

  7. Pastor.P.R.Divyakumar permalink

    By God’s grace I got your website, as Pastor and Theologian I was actually longing for good develop myself as well as the Church to prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus, thank you so much for bringing out very good material, I would like to join with you, and learn more. May God bles your Ministry

  8. Dear Friends,
    Thank you for your gracious work. I reference your site often!
    My question: I have a book due out in April of 2015 (God is so kind) and I have used a well know J.B. Lightfoot quote but cannot find its source anywhere. You have used it as well: “The blackest of sin is not righteousness violated, but mercy despised.”
    I have searched and searched but cannot find which of Lightfoot’s writings contains the quote. Can you tell me where the quote is from?

    Susan VandePol

    • I have searched and searched (I have over 19,000 volumes in my Logos library and another 6000 in Wordsearch and was shocked I could not find a single reference in either one!) The Google hits are all secondary, like mine. E.g., I found it quoted by W H Griffith-Thomas in his 1946 devotional commentary on Romans, but he gives no further attribution than simply “Lightfoot.” You got me on that one! Grace, mercy and peace to you in Him. Amen. Bruce Hurt, MD (retired)

  9. arnel permalink

    Brother, your website is excellent!!! I bookmarked your site in all my computer because you had a tremendous amount of resources! What a treasure!!! Keep it up brother…… May your tribe increase….

  10. Teck Wang permalink

    Dear Brother In Christ Bruce, Thank you for your blog and your website Precept Austin. I read it almost daily and I am truly blessed by it and by the work of the Spirit working through you. Have a blessed and fruitful 2015 from Singapore! In Christ TW.

  11. Pam Mask permalink

    I am hoping this will reach the man who puts together preceptaustin………..I have been devouring your info for several years now. It is the finest sight available and I want to express my great appreciation. I teach several bible studies and use it regularly. THANK YOU for this gift to us all. I am teaching Revelation and have found Walvoord’s commentary and Tony Garland’s especially excellent. What a great resource you have made available. May He continue to lead you in this work.

  12. Joyce Haveman permalink

    Blessings from Canada not sure how I came across your site years ago but have always wanted to thank you for your faithfulness I praise Adonai for creating you and I pray that He returns 1000 times to you and your family for all you have poured out to build up His kingdom and His Body here on earth

  13. Alphonze Owino permalink

    Blessings fron Oklahoma city. My first time to visit this wbsite.. Thank you, God richly richly bless you

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